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MC Pump

1,IB series screw pump (MC Pump) Product Overview:

I concentrated series of pump-1B single-volume rotary screw pump, the pump eccentric use of the single-screw spiral double helix hub in the rotation so that the concentrated slurry along the spiral groove from intake Pai moved to push exports to achieve pump transmission function.
Pump widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, brewing, paper, food, and other units.
IB is a single-screw pump series of screw-type pump, which is the main working parts of the eccentric spiral snail superscript (that the rotor) and the inner surface of a two-helical screw Bushing (lining said stator). The working principle is that when motor driven shaft rotates, on the one hand screw rotating around its own axis, on the other hand it rolling along the surface of the hub, then a pump seal chamber. To screw every week, a closed cavity on the liquid in a forward pitch. With the continuous drive screw, a spiral approach to the liquid a sealed cavity to another sealed cavity, the final out of the body.
The pump is a new type of liquid transportation machinery, has a simple structure, work safe, reliable, and easy to use maintenance, a continuous and uniform liquid, pressure stability advantages. I concentrated pump production companies who contact materials selection of quality metal parts are made of stainless steel lining tube using non-toxic rubber tasteless food, the temperature can reach 100 ℃, can be used to transport food and viscosity of slurry 1 ~ 1000000 PCT parked contain solid particles or plastic block slurry solution, suspension of corrosive media. Widely used in food, metallurgical, chemical, and other industrial sectors.

Second, IB series screw pump (MC Pump) Features:
1, delivery of high concentration can be high viscosity (<10000 PaS) and the suspended particles containing serous.
2, transmission flow stability, and no over-current, pulsating and stirring, shear serous phenomenon.
3, speed has nothing to do with pressure from the low-flow can be maintained at a high discharge pressure.
4, and the speed is proportional to flow through high-speed motor speed or flow conditioning can be realized.
5, self-absorption ability, and not directly with suction valve at the end of the liquid.
6, the pump can be reversed, the flow of liquid from the pump to change the direction of rotation, to apply to pipeline anyway to wash occasions.
7, smooth operation, vibration, noise.
8, simple structure, enables easy maintenance.

Third, IB series screw pump (MC Pump) performance parameters:


PMPa (m3/h)


進出口徑 轉速
IB1寸 2.39 1.5 50 2 25 960 1.1 5
IB1.5寸 5.2 3.2 80 3 40 960 2.2 8
IB2寸 8.85 5.6 80 3 50 960 3 8
IB2.5寸 10.6 6.5 60 3 65 960 3 6
IB3寸 18.1 12 60 3 75 960 5.5 6
IB4寸 24 16 60 3 100 960 7.5 6
IB5寸 36 25 60 3 125 960 11 6
IB6寸 38 30 60 3 150 960 15 6


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